Cincinnati, Ohio's
Sunday Afternoon, May 4th
2003 Global
Million Marijuana March
Rally Pictures

(The picts of our speakers are in the order in which they appeared)

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Cincinnati's Downtown Fountain Square!
Pict 1

Only One of Cincy's finest came to join us!
Pict 2

Brian McCullough, Kentucky AAMC
Pict 3

Our MC's, Doc Diablo & Senor Bull
Pict 4

Our very own Poet, The Cincy Bud Kid!
Pict 5

Rockin' with Cincy's
Black & Tan Carpet Band!
Pict 6

Rob Paehlke, Kentucky Marijuana Party
Pict 7

Daniel Plyler, Blunt Politics
Pict 8

Fat Freddy, Freedom Fighter and Warrior!
Pict 9

Paul Green,
Hamilton County Libertarian Party
Pict 10

Cindy Wimer, W. VA. AAMC
Pict 11

Cher Ford-McCullough,
Kentucky Compassionate Moms
Pict 12

Neal Smith, Indiana NORML
Pict 13

The Rev. Roland A. Duby's
4:20 Cannabis Culture giveaway!
Pict 14

Rob Ryan, Ohio Patient Network (OPN)
Pict 15

Esky (Eric Palowski),
Environmental Activist
Pict 16

Gatewood Galbraith,
The Last Free Man in America!
Pict 17

Alex White Plume,
Pine Ridge Reservation, Hemp Farmer
Pict 18

Craig Lee,
Kentucky Industrial Hemp Association
Pict 19

Cher Neufer, North Ohio NORML
Pict 20

Daniel Solano,
Police Officers for Drug Law Reform
Pict 21

Valerie & James at the
North Ohio NORML table
Pict 22

Hey, read the sign!
Pict 23

This one, too!
Pict 24

Strange view of the OPN table!

Fat Freddy, Rob & Rev. Roland
Pict 26

The Happy Hemptress, Neal & Rob
at the HempRock table
Pict 27

Rob Ryan & Cher Neufer
Pict 28

The sound guys!
Pict 29

HempRock's camera guy, Country Kenny
Pict 30

Buds sharin' Buds!
Pict 31

Hey, I want a copy of their footage!
Pict 32

He wasn't a candidate &
didn't know he was on camera!
Pict 33

Pict 34

More People!
Pict 35

Peaceful People!
Pict 36

The camera guys, Rob and Peter
Pict 37

Lynne Wilson, The Happy Hemptress
MMM Rally organizer
Pict 38