HempRock Radio
w/ The Happy Hemptress
'Voice of the Resistance'
July 27, 2003


Lynne Wilson,
The Happy Hemptress, Gettin' ready
Pict 1

Dr. John Morgan,
Medical Marijuana Advocate
Pict 2

Dr. John & Rob Ryan,
Ohio Patient Network (OPN)
Pict 3

J. F. (Osch) Oschwald,
Medical Rights for Patients
Pict 4

K R "Doc" Miller
Ohio Patient Network (OPN)
Pict 5

Peter St. John,
Americans for Cannabis Use
Pict 6

Elaine St. John-Lagenaur,
Americans for Cannabis Use
Pict 7

Doc Miller & Cincy's own Poet,
The Cincy Bud Kid
Pict 8

The Happy Hemptress
Pict 9

Listening intently!
Pict 10

Half of the Gang!
Pict 11

The Gang minus two!
Pict 12